90% of complaints made by customers about HMRC are upheld, according to statistics from the Tax Adjudicator’s Office.

Resolved complaints have doubled over the past year. Out of 2,311 complaints filed against HMRC, 2,073 had favourable results for the complainants. However, the majority of these complaints were not validated by HMRC when they initially received the complaints and proceeded to carry out investigations into them.

The Tax Adjudicator criticised HMRC’s handling of complaints, ordering it to pay the amount of £246,000 for investigating the complaints inadequately. In addition, almost £4 million in taxes were written off.

The process of complaining directly to HMRC and then moving on to the Tax Adjudicator can be a lengthy ordeal, taking many months before a resolution is reached. However, the statistics show that it can be worth the time of the taxpayer to file a complaint if they believe they have been incorrectly billed by HMRC.

Adjudicator Judy Clements, commented: “I am disappointed to see HMRC staff still overlooking the needs of some vulnerable customers.”

She also criticised HMRC for not treating customer complaints with urgency and stated that some staff were lacking in their approach towards customer service.


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