If you’re a contractor or freelancer you should be familiar with the term ‘Umbrella company’ and will have probably had a look at a number of them. On the surface they all seem pretty similar. Unfortunately this is not the case.


More and more we are seeing an increase in umbrella companies that claim they can give you as much as 95% return after tax. On the surface they seem to be bona fide and say they are UK compliant.


The trouble with these types of companies is that you need to be sure that they are doing what they say and are paying all the correct taxes for you. There is a fine line between tax evasion and tax avoidance and you wouldn’t want to fall on the wrong side of that line.


Cloud 9 is one of the standard setters and is 100% compliant with no hidden charges. We are totally transparent and act more as a consultative service making sure you have the correct solution for your needs, we will even advise you if we feel that an umbrella company is not quite right for you.


Our main focus is on customer satisfaction so we keep your costs at the minimum and you get your own dedicated contact that you can call with any queries. We are used to getting really good feedback and are rated number 2 on Freelancer Supermarket, which comprises its league tables from customer feedback (we’re working on getting to the top spot).


If you’re looking for an umbrella company don’t take a gamble, research the company read the reviews and make an informed decision. In the short term some of the so-called umbrella companies can seem appealing and even save you a bit of money, but in the long term you could be hit with a costly fine or worse. So for a hassle free umbrella solution give Cloud9 a call and we can talk you through your options.