From the 4th October 2018, Childcare Vouchers will no longer be accepting new submissions. For Cloud9 Umbrella employees this is also known as the ‘KiddiVouchers’ scheme. What does this mean for existing members and those thinking of signing up? Find out below…


New members

If you would like to begin receiving Childcare Vouchers you must sign up before September’s payroll, and have your voucher credited to your account by the 3rd October 2018. Through this, you will be recognised as an existing scheme member and will thus be eligible to continue receiving them.


What does this mean for existing scheme members?

For parents who have already signed up for this scheme, you will continue receiving your Childcare Vouchers for as long as you are ’employed’ by us at Cloud9 Umbrella. However, if you change your employment situation you will no longer be considered an existing member and so will no longer be able to receive vouchers. You will not be entitled to join your new employer’s scheme.

If you are currently taking a break from the scheme under the 52-week rule, you must ensure that you re-order your voucher before the 52-week deadline, or you will no longer be able to re-order vouchers.

For more information on these changes to Childcare Vouchers or if you would like to find out more about how you can sign-up for the ‘KiddiVouchers’ scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the Cloud9 Umbrella team on 020 7078 0212 or email [email protected] for more details.


If you are a parent who has been considering signing up to Cloud9 Umbrella, we’d encourage you sign-up soon so that you can then join the KiddiVouchers scheme and get childcare vouchers of up to £243 per month! (They are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance.) Plus, with our current summer offer, if you sign-up before the end of August, we’ll process your first payroll free of charge and if you opt to stay with us, we’ll give you an extra 4 weeks of service free, too! Sign up, now!