Last Thursday, the Cloud9 office had a major disruption when an external issue with broken optic cables within the local BT exchange meant that we had no telephone or internet access for almost 2 working days.

Although unable to access any emails or landline in our office, we were able to redirect all calls to mobile phones according to our contingency protocol, and ran our payroll and accounts operation at a backup site nearby to ensure that this matter didn’t delay any of our clients receiving their payments.

With our teams relentlessly running the operations between both sites and the Contractor PAs keeping clients updated via phone calls and SMS messages, we managed to minimise the disruption; raising invoices in a timely fashion as well as finding substitute methods for contractors to submit their timesheets to us until our servers kicked back into action late on Friday.

We are delighted to receive feedback from our contractors once our systems were fully restored and to hear that we were able to maintain a high-quality service during this stressful time.

The challenge has been insightful to us to continuously improve our business systems; whilst assessing and preparing for all foreseeable risks in order to up keep our service promises to both contractor and agencies.  We guarantee that all contractors payment are at the top of our priority each time, every time. payroll testimonial