According to UHY Hacker Young, Londoners and those who live in the commuters belt pay £52 billion each year in taxes.


Commuters in the South East region of the country pay double the British average in income tax contributions. Out of the top thirty regions for high tax contributions, twenty-eight were towns located in the Home Counties.


The report conducted by the mid-tier firm found that towns in counties such as Surrey and Buckinghamshire contributed the highest tax payments. The UK annual income tax average is currently £4,985 but in the top thirty tax regions, workers contributed an average of £9,463 each.


Londoners pay around £35 billion a year in taxes. Outside of London, 1.9 million taxpayers contribute £17.4 billion in income tax annually.


Mark Giddens from UHY Hacker Young, commented: “The government is increasingly reliant on the wealthiest parts of the southeastern commuter belt and London for income.”