With the number of self-employed workers increasing by 103,000 to 4.80 million (in the three months to April), we delve in to explore IPSE’s recent study to understand why contracting and freelancing are becoming so popular. At Cloud9 and K&B Accountancy Group, we’ve always known that contracting is the best route for the many workers who seek greater job satisfaction. This view sits in line with IPSE’s published data which highlights that freelancing gives a major boost to wellbeing.

 “The view that emerges from these findings is that there is a positive link between the decision to become a freelancer, job satisfaction and overall well-being.”IPSE

Previous reports and surveys have shown strong links between contracting and a better work-life balance and IPSE’s June report which collected the responses of over a thousand freelancers (mostly IPSE members) aims to provide a better insight into what influences the decision to start freelancing and how they currently feel whilst contracting and freelancing.

The report highlights that 84% are satisfied working as a freelancer with around 3 in 5 stating the top factors for becoming self-employed including:

  • a better work-life balance
  • being in control of their own work
  • the opportunity to maximise their earning potential

Overall, when asked, around 50% of respondents feel optimistic whilst undertaking contract or freelance work and 46% feel energised. Furthermore, 67% of participants wake up feeling motivated to work in the morning – we all know that Monday morning blues are particularly strong when we are feeling unhappy about our work situations! Of these happy freelancers, 69% also agree that their work inspires them which can be a factor in achieving a better work-life balance.

Future intentions show that around 64% intend to carry on working as a contractor/freelancer for the foreseeable future which is great news for the economy during uncertain times.

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