Thinking of changing jobs? Then you may be one of the 59% who are considering moving jobs in 2017, according to a report conducted by Investors in People. The report conveys one of the key reasons of moving jobs as pay, yet around a third of respondents stated they would prefer flexible working to a 3% rise in pay. It appears more and more people are realising the benefits of working flexibly as a contractor with the report echoing Mckinsey’s study of happy contractors from last year.

A massive 77% of employees in the IT sector are also thinking about changing roles. With a quick job search revealing an abundance of opportunities in the IT sector, could 2017 see a large amount of people leaving traditional employment and become flexible workers? It certainly seems so.

If you have been thinking to make the switch from traditional employee to contractor, but are not so keen on jumping the bandwagon and opening up a limited company, then becoming a PAYE umbrella employee could be just what you need.

As a PAYE Umbrella employee, you do not need to commit yourself to long-term contracts, especially if you are just testing the waters. Using an umbrella company can sometimes be more efficient and cost effective than opening a limited company, particularly if your focus is on short term contracts.

Additionally, impending public sector legislation changes regarding IR35 and the VAT flat rate scheme targeting limited cost traders will be coming into effect this year. We may see a decrease in some of the benefits of a limited company prompting you to consider PAYE umbrella employment instead.

Cloud9 Umbrella offers simplicity with no sign-up or termination fees, making it easier if you decide to take a break. With Cloud9 Umbrella, you can leave the paperwork and tax payments to our dedicated payroll and customer service team, giving you time to focus on your projects.

As an Umbrella employee, you will be provided with benefits and rights which are the same as that of a traditional employee. Cloud9 Umbrella also has some exciting benefits coming soon so be sure to check our website and social media pages!

Contact Cloud9 Umbrella now for more information including switching from limited to an umbrella company.