The likelihood is, you have either arranged your accountant to do your self-assessment tax return, or, you have decided to submit it yourself. If you have not completed your tax return yet, there is still time but we recommend getting a move on. If you have already completed it, sit back and enjoy some of the worst excuses that HMRC have received for late submissions. These were all rejected and the individual received a fine. Hardly surprising…

1. My tax papers were left in the shed and the rat ate them
2. I’m not a paperwork-orientated person – I always relied on my sister to complete my returns but we have now fallen out
3. My accountant has been ill
4. My dog ate my tax return
5. I will be abroad on deadline day with no internet access so will be unable to file
6. My laptop broke, so did my washing machine
7. My niece had moved in – she made the house so untidy I could not find my log-in details to complete my return online
8. My husband ran over my laptop
9. I had an argument with my wife and went to Italy for 5 years
10. I had a cold which took a long time to go.

The deadline is fast approaching. If you have not submitted your self-assessment tax return yet, we recommend you speak with our sister company, K&B Accountancy Group. We also suggest you read ‘Self-assessment tax return – meeting this year’s deadline’. You can get in contact with K&B Accountancy Group on 020 7078 0211 if you require any assistance. Alternatively, you can contact them here.

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