Compliance has always been at the forefront of our agenda as well as giving referring agencies additional assurance. Therefore, we have decided to obtain Professional Passport accreditation – the largest and most recognised independent accreditation in the market.

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved Professional Passport accreditation as an approved provider for umbrella services.

In order to be accepted as an approved provider, Professional Passport has undergone a comprehensive compliance review of all our processes and procedures to ensure we align to HMRC guidelines and comply with the Managed Service Company legislation.

Professional Passport Approved Providers Accreditation is the only compliance review that is backed and guaranteed by a £5,000,000 insurance policy against MSC Debt Transfer for the recruitment company members of Professional Passport.

Crawford Temple, Managing Director of Professional Passport said:

Cloud9 Umbrella Company is a great addition to our range of approved umbrella service providers and our recruitment members can work with them, safe in the knowledge that they are fully protected by our debt transfer insurance.”