The UK’s self-employed population has grown rapidly over the last ten years. According to the Centre for Research on Self-Employment (CRSE), almost five million people, equating to fifteen percent of the UK workforce are now self-employed. Thus, as contracting becomes increasingly important to the UK economy, it is vital that individual wellbeing is taken into consideration, to help boost quality of life and work. The CRSE recently published a report called The Way to Wellbeing, which offers a new way of looking at self-employed wellbeing based on overall life satisfaction. While the report reveals that contractors are overall more satisfied than permanent employees, there are still improvements that can be made. For example, one area where they are less satisfied is household income. (See below for a chart on life satisfaction of the self-employed and employees in the UK by life domain).


Contractor self-employed wellbeing lifestyle job satisfaction

Source: The Way to Wellbeing, Centre for Research on Self-Employment


CRSE went on to provide recommendations as to how the government and business leaders can help to further improve self-employed wellbeing.


Its key proposals to improve self-employed wellbeing include:

  • Increasing confidence

Offering training and mentoring to build confidence for the self-employed; improving access to skills development resources tailored to contractors.

  • Creating cost-effective solutions for skills development

CRSE also suggested that the Treasury could make skills development more cost-effective by extending tax allowances to cover new skills and by granting self-employed people training vouchers.

  • Changing attitudes of success

They argue that creating a more appreciative culture where business failures are seen as a normal part of entrepreneurial life, not as personal failures of the self-employed could hugely improve wellbeing. One specific suggestion they gave is to reform bankruptcy regulation to allow for good faith business failures.

  • Reducing stress

CRSE want to ensure better and faster access to mentoring when first starting out as a contractor and during business crisis periods to lower stress and improve conviction in crucial times.

  • Tackling the pressures caused by irregular cash flow

They suggest that the banking industry should introduce contractor-friendly banking services, as well as informational campaigns and online resources to promote existing funding and emergency credit initiatives.

  • Improving the long-term financial sustainability of the self-employed

They proposed that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and pension providers should introduce financial products and more information and guidance specifically tailored to the self-employed about saving for later life.


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