• For contractors outside SDC and ‘mobile workers’

  • Free Initial consultation to assess contractor suitability

  • £25.00 per week and £75.00 per month fixed margin

  • Mileage expenses claimable as tax relief with fuel receipts

  • Cloud9 Portal to capture additional expenses receipts.

Our Cloud9 Mileage Model has all the same benefits as Cloud9 Umbrella and is available for contractors who are able to confirm they are not under SDC, and are classified as ‘mobile workers’. A ‘mobile worker’ is classed as a temporary worker who travels from client site to client site away from their main work base or depot. For more information on mobile workers, and for help to determine whether you are one, please click here.

You will not be able to claim tax relief on home-to-work commuting, but you will be able to claim when you travel to a series of temporary client sites during the working day. Mileage is still claimable as Tax and NI relief – provided you are able to supply valid fuel receipts.

If you are unsure whether you may be eligible for this package, please check out our SDC flowchart or give our Cloud9 Umbrella team a call on 020 7078 0212 to chat about your personal circumstances.